Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Slim-Ball Lieberman

I learned tonight that a half pitcher of Bud Lite equals 2 1/2 mugs and that's the perfect quantity to get on a good mad. I've been pissed all day, but it took the Bud Lite to get to a point to vent; to tell you what I think. I can't believe and I can't describe how disappointed I am that Joe Lieberman is holding the Senate Health Care Bill hostage. That mealy-mouthed, turncoat, slim-ball son of a bitch.

I've been told all my life not to curse, as much good as it's done to tell me. Use “another” word, they said. There's always another word that's just as appropriate, they said, so use it instead. But, sometimes there are no other words that fits the circumstances. I know, personally, people, family and friends, who can't afford health insurance. They sweep your goddamned floors, serve your goddamned meals, bring your goddamned drinks to your tables, sweep your goddamned streets and carry off your goddamned garbage. There are forty million of them. Their children are hungry... IN AMERICA! And the best you can do for them is force them to buy insurance from a goddamned insurance company that they don't want to buy from or can't afford to buy from? You bastard.

Howard Dean is right. The current Health Care Bill, without the public option or without the Medicare expansion, isn't worth the paper it's written on. It's just another boon for the insurance companies. Any law that “requires” a person to buy a product from a company or be fined by the government is unconstitutional. You can't force me, or anyone, to do that. You just try to make me buy it. I'll take your ass all the way to the Supreme Court, and even if that court demands I pay, I'll give them the finger too.

So, I have a message for you, slim-ball Lieberman. If I ever meet you on the street, I'm going to smash your effing face.


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Mark Moore said...


This bill is historic and will have a huge positive impact to millions of people. Can you even imagine the bill in its current form passing 5 or 6 years ago? Remember, in 2006 the Senate wouldn't even expand insurance for children (SHCIP)?

Granted, what Lieberman did was immoral and vindictive, but the bigger problem is the rules of the Senate. 60 votes should not be needed to pass legislation. There is nothing in the constitution about a 60 vote majority or the filibuster. Can you imagine how much better the bill would have been if we only needed 50 votes? It's time for the Senate to scrap the filibuster.