Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Discouraging Word

I’m finding that I’m waking up discouraged more and more each morning now days. Needed reform, it appears, just won’t happen. There is no political will in this country. Two reforms, in particular, are taking a bad turn.

Climate change is looming like the darkest storm we’ve ever seen over our heads. We need to, starting today; reduce CO2 by 50% over the next forty years and all new energy production must be clean energy between now, today, and 2050. Where in our Congress or Obama’s Administration do you see the will to do that? Nowhere. Instead, “they,” our Congress and the President bow once again to industry lobbyist and meekly suggest a 4% decrease in CO2. What a copout!

My son and daughter will be alive in 2050 when, by all scientific estimates, CO2 parts per million (ppm) will double to 560 ppm from the measure before the industrial revolution. That will be a terrible world. My grandchildren will be alive, too, but their survival will be doubtful. I suggested a week or so ago to a friend, in my wife's presence, that my efforts to create wealth through my stock trading is to help pay for solar photoelectric installation on our house. “Oh no,” she and my wife said, “it’s much too expensive for so little gain.” Actually, I wasn’t thinking about “how long” it would take to pay off the investment or “gaining” anything; I was thinking about my children and grandchildren. But, her response revealed the prevalent attitude. Light colored, reflective roofs, solar panels, efficient windows, tankless water heaters, energy efficient appliances; all should be on our list to improve conservation in our homes. But, it’s not my house; it’s my wife’s house, so I won’t install what’s needed. When I look around in my family, both close and extended, and to people I know, it is the “easy” conservation that is prevalent and sometimes even the “easy” way is dismissed as inconvenient. My only conclusion is that the human race is an endangered species. We won’t make it.

Healthcare reform is the other “biggie” that won’t happen, and my children and grandchildren need it desperately, today. But, as I watch President Obama plead our case to the American Medical Association and to Congress, his pleas are watered down with pro-industry language. So, healthcare reform won’t happen, either. BIG change is needed. Change that hurts; change that makes the industry and “the norm” angry and loud. Socialized payment plans are needed. Otherwise, we’re just going to continue the status quo, expensive, non-care healthcare. We won’t make it.

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