Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Les Miserables – And a Winner

Occasionally an event, a person or a situation moves my heart unexpectedly. It is at that moment that the heart moves the most, from Les Miserables to a warm comfortable peace; glad even, that astounding changes happen to turn an apparent underdog into a winner.

So, I didn’t expect Susan Boyle to cast such a spell. She walked onto the Britain’s Got Talent stage a little too cocky, she was a little too uncultured in her introduction and the audience and the three judges’ faces said everything about their expectations. They were, as Amanda said, cynical and even a little aghast at Susan’s audacity to dream to be a singer.

Susan sang “I Dreamed” from Les Miserables. Man, did she sang! Every heart in the audience changed from cynical to something far more good than words can explain. I’ve watched the YouTube video several times and each time it is a pleasure to watch.

Good for you, Susan!

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