Saturday, October 25, 2008

Well, my intent was to followup with more specific economic issues before I get to religion in America, but I can't pass this up. In their article Christian right intensifies attacks on Obama, journalists Eric Gorsky and Racheal Zoll, Associated Press Religion Writers, hit upon a major and dangerous source of ignorance in America. It appears that the Focus on the Family Action, a Christian social conservative charity founded by dominionist James Dobson is spreading its usual doom and gloom about Obama by sending an Action Letter to all affiliated organizations. One statement is astounding; I quote the article:

The goal was to "articulate the big picture," said Carrie Gordon Earll, senior director of public policy for Focus on the Family Action. "If it is a doomsday picture, then it's a realistic picture," she said.
Really? Do you mean to tell me that a "doomsday picture" is a "realistic picture?" Are you crazy?
The problem is that millions believe this propaganda. This is the tripe that causes an elderly woman to tell McCain that Obama is a Muslim. According to the article, which will be widely believed through its wide distribution through several thousand churches, Obama will cause a number of disastrous situations, including:
  • Terrorist attacks in the U.S.
  • Disbanding the Boy Scouts,
  • Russia occupying the Baltic states,
  • Al Qaeda overwhelming Iraq,
  • Long lines for surgical procedures, and
  • No access to hospitals for people over 80.

What nonsense. Please read the article for yourself and dismiss this stuff as radical extremism from the Christian fundamentalist demagogues. What we need is a more realistic approach to the big issues facing America, not fear politics. Obama seems more than capable of handling world changes long before we have to disband the Boy Scouts.

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